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Hydrotuff Material

The Ace Car Top Carrier is made from our specially formulated Hydrotuff Material. Hydrotuff consists of a 600 denier woven polyester outer layer mated to a PVC inner layer. The resulting combination is a high quality, great looking, waterproof material perfect for use in a cargo bag. Hydrotuff is also used in our Sport Car Top Carriers and our Cargo Saddlebag Car Back Carrier.

Hydrotuff Material keeps its properties in extremely hot or cold temperatures. All logos are screen printed on the material and sealed in place. The vivid colors of our roof top carriers will not fade over time. Hydrotuff has been used in our cargo bags for years and has yielded nothing but positive results. A Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier made from Hydrotuff material is tough and will stand up to the test of carrying your extra gear.

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