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Rightline Gear is a company committed to making products that will help our customers have experiences they remember for a lifetime.

PackRight car top carriers have been around since 1997. There is nothing better than a road trip with family or friends. With many different models to choose from, PackRight enables our customer’s to take their gear on the go with them. Car top cargo bags are not an afterthought to us, they are our main business. We have models to fit all size vehicles with or without luggage racks. We will continue to be the innovative leaders in the field and constantly improve our designs for ease of use and functionality. We want you to be able to forget the stress of loading the car and concentrate on having fun. Whether you are going on the family vacation, moving, going off to college, or just taking that weekend getaway, PackRight carriers help make your trip possible.

CampRight truck tents have been produced since 2003. Truck tent camping is a great way to go. For one thing, you can camp anywhere your truck will take you, staying dry and comfortable in the process. Truck tent camping definitely takes camping to the next level of ease, comfort, and just plain fun. We also have a suv tent design for those of you who don’t like to leave all the comforts of home behind-now this is camping in style. Finally, we have not forgotten those of you with kids who would still like to go truck tent camping. Our new Pop Up Tent provides you with camping in an instant-even the kids can set up this tent. We want you to get out there and enjoy yourself-maybe your next trip will be the trip of a lifetime.

Rightline Gear is located in Asheville, North Carolina where we have plenty of outdoor opportunities. It may not be official, but Asheville is definitely the car top carrier capital of the world-we like to take our gear with us. Asheville is the perfect setting for Rightline Gear’s design innovations to be developed and tested. We will continue to create new products that will provide our customers with memories for years to come.